You just have to roll with lifes punches

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Tutorial: Perfect Punched Border Frames

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Roll with life’s punches

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Confidence is a virtue but hubris leads to downfall, in life as well as in sales. Today I share 13 ways to roll with the punches.

Or, put another way, 13 tips for learning how to cope and endure when the SHTF and your world falls apart. Contents. 1 13 Ways To Roll With the Punches; By doing something worthwhile each and every day, you will have a sense of purpose.

Just remember to make this an individual thing. Finding my Miracle Stories about my story Menu. Skip to content. Home; About; Connect; Now, the real question is, besides laugh about it with your doctor, what do you do when life punches you in the face? I feel like the answer here is maybe supposed to be punch back?

Sometimes you just need to make yourself a tutu and dance around in. The best time to talk about sex should be when both of you are in bed, or when both of you are just fooling around and relaxing around the house, or when the opportune moment crops up, either.

It hasn't been a big one when you look at the kinds of things other players have to go through, but it's taught me a lot about how hard it is to be on the sidelines.

You just have to roll with lifes punches
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7 Suggestions for Rolling with Life’s Punches