Voices of protest

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New voices join Line 3 pipeline protest

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See also Isolation and protest.

Basketball robots and flying cops

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Jan 21,  · Europe | Women’s Marches Across the World, in Photos and Voices of Protest. Search. Women’s Marches Across the World, in Photos and Voices of Protest. For Nadine Shah, these headlines had been a big part of her life for years.

She has earned a reputation for a uniquely rich, soulful voice; but her music deals with a wide. Global Voices is an international community of bloggers who report on blogs and citizen media from around the world.

This is a book about two remarkable men-Huey P. Long, a first-term United States Senator from the red-clay, piney woods country of northern Louisiana; and Charles E.

Coughlin, a Catholic priest 4/5(3). Over these past three days, Voices and a coalition of justice-minded organizations have been at and around the United Nations in New York City protesting the ongoing U.S.-Saudi attack on famine-imperilled Yemen.

Voices of protest
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