The struggles of living with obsessive compulsive disorder

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Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder

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Postpartum Anxiety & Intrusive Thoughts: One Mom’s Story

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Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is a weekly audio podcast. It is an interview and discussion between myself (Andy) and my wife (Julie) about the struggles of living with obsessive compulsive disorder. well, it would appear that my husband/fiance is a compulsive years and its just starting to come out now.

the lies or stories range from silly exagerated big massive life changing lies. The long read Tearing our hair out: learning to treat compulsive hair-pulling.

It'll be Okay.: How I Kept Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) from Ruining My Life [Shannon Shy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Keynote Speaker, International OCD Foundation (IOCDF) Annual Conference and Member IOCDF Speakers Bureau. Shannon Shy is a senior civilian attorney with the Department of the Navy and a retired U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Lieutenant. LGBTQ. Without mental health we cannot be healthy.

We all experience emotional ups and downs from time to time caused by events in our lives.

Obsessive-Compulsive Spartanism: An Unknown Face of OCD

Mental health conditions go beyond these emotional reactions to specific situations. I did some research in hs and college on compulsive liars, but I have never considered myself one until lately. I remember hearing my mom on the phone telling friends about our day, and it was drastically different than the truth.

The struggles of living with obsessive compulsive disorder
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Living with Someone Who Has Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder | The Exhausted Woman