The effect on families with special

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Family Involvement in Special Olympics

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On effect Special Olympics has on family members is their perceptions of their athlete and of people with intellectual disability in general.

Family Involvement in Special Olympics

In a study of family members in the United States, many parents comment that they are impressed, and often surprised, by their child’s athletic ability, level of effort, competitive nature, and. In fact, Special Olympics has called families “the most powerful and valuable natural resource” available to the organization.

Similar to its impact on athletes, anecdotal evidence suggests that Special Olympics has a significant, positive effect on family members of athletes. The effect on families with special needs children The effect on families, who have special needs children, can have a negative impact, resulting in an increased level of anxiety, stress and depression (Schwartz and Tsumi, ).

Definition: Percentage of children ages with special health care needs, by effect of child's health needs on parental employment (e.g., % of California children with special health care needs had parents who cut back or stopped working to care. The effect on families with special needs children The effect on families, who have special needs children, can have a negative impact, resulting in an increased level of anxiety, stress and depression (Schwartz and Tsumi, ).

At the time of the study they all had at least one child in special education, and five families had two or more children in special education. All told, these twelve families accounted for seventeen of the forty-eight Puerto Rican children placed in special education programs at the time of the study.

The effect on families with special
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