The day my relationship with my mum changed

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How becoming a Mother changed my Relationship with my Husband

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She bits her eyes and grins at me, hedging a fine set of arguments. I was frustrated and they were lost. On that day, two long yet impossibly short years ago, everything changed. The phone number that was my go-to dial whenever anything good, bad or boring happened was reallocated to a stranger.

Our family went from a trio to a duo. Hello everyone, I'm a regular poster but I've name-changed here. I'd like to ask you all for some advice about my relationship with my family please.

This changed, however, when I was years-old and my mum announced they were breaking up. I soon learned he had three other children, after years of thinking I was a ‘card-carrying only child.'.

This is how becoming a mother changed my relationship with my husband. Becoming a mother changes your life in so many ways. Especially in your relationship with your husband.

You now have this other tiny person to care for and love. You now have a little family of your own. Every day that my husband would leave for work I would cry. "I had sex with my husband the day I got home from the hospital.

I had C-sections so that was totally against the rules, but I didn’t care. Our relationship didn’t change.

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My mum can be a lovely person – she’s kind, fun to be with and very supportive. She’s been a wonderful mum to me and is a fantastic grandma. However, in the last few years she has been.

The day my relationship with my mum changed
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When Things Improved in My Relationship with Mum