Rubruck with the mongols

William of Rubruck

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In modern times the Mongols are primarily Tibetan Buddhists, but in previous eras, especially during the time of the Mongol empire (13th–14th centuries), they were primarily shamanist, and had a substantial minority of Christians, many of whom were in positions of considerable power.

Overall, Mongols were highly tolerant of most religions, and typically sponsored several at the same time. The Mongol Era brought about the first instances of direct contact between Europe and Mongol-ruled China. The Mongol attacks on Hungary and Poland in had alerted the Europeans to the power of the Mongols and so frightened them that, inthe Pope in Rome called an Ecumenical Council to deliberate on a response to the Mongols.

The Journal of William of Rubruck () "A Flemish Franciscan monk, William of Rubruck (ca. ca.

Mongol Empire

) wrote the most detailed and valuable of the early Western accounts of the Mongols. The Journal of William de Rubruck: Account of the Mongols. William of Rubruck () was a Flemish Franciscan missionary and explorer.

His account is one of the masterpieces of medieval geographical literature comparable to Author: William de Rubruck. Letter of Arghun to Philip the Fair,in Mongolian language and classical Mongolian the center of the magnified portion, the sacred phrase 'Tengri-yin Kuchin' (Power of Tengri) is separate from the other sentences, forming a sacred pause.

To the Missionaries.


Now We turn to you, beloved sons, the working-men of the Lord's vineyard. In your hands lies the immediate responsibility for disseminating the wisdom of Christ, and with this responsibility the salvation of innumerable souls.

Rubruck with the mongols
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