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Thesis Binding

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Thesis and Dissertation Binding

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Candidates for the MD degree must submit three copies of their dissertation. Soft-bound thesis must be bound in such a way for the contents to be securely fixed within the covers, i.e.

spiral bound. You may submit a hard bound thesis as your first submission, along with. The mass industrial democracy that is the modern United States bears little resemblance to the simple agrarian republic that gave it birth.

The market revolution is the reason for this dramatic - and ironic -. Submit your hard bound thesis to the address below: Student Registry Academic Division University of Cambridge 4 Mill Lane Cambridge CB2 1RZ.

What if I am submitting from overseas? The two Cambridge Bookbinders listed above accept an electronic copy of the thesis and will arrange for printing, binding and delivery to the Student Registry.

Hard Bound Thesis - Also known as a case binding. These are bound with a professional quality library buckram. The binding itself is bound the highest standard, and glued for maximum durability. With thick 3mm boards offering a rigid finish, and solid feel, combined with the spine curvature for ease of opening.

Hard bound thesis cambridge
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