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Creative Writing

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The English major is good preparation for a career in writing or editing—of stories, speeches, legal documents, advertising, research projects, poems, grant proposals, essays, or letters. English majors also find careers in publishing and journalism, public relations, business, industry, management, marketing, social services, and government.

Notre Dame's English Department offers graduate and undergraduate degrees with a focus on literature’s cultural and interpretive contexts, creative writing, creative. Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing. When you major in creative writing at Brandeis, you will immerse yourself in small writing workshops, literary studies, and studio or performing art, all of which prepare you for a writerly life.

The English and Creative Writing major introduces students to the wealth of resources associated with the University of Iowa and Iowa City writing communities.

For over 75 years, the Department of English and the UI Writers’ Workshop have been leaders in the area of writing. English, Creative Writing Minor. University Campuses and Resources. Special Academic Programs and Research Institutes.

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University Faculty and Administration Emeriti.

Creative Writing Concentration

The Creative Writing program at Seattle University takes the stand that good readers make good writers. Rather than offering a stand-alone writing degree, the Seattle University English Department offers a literature-focused English major with a Creative Writing concentration in the belief that developing critical reading and analytical skills is essential to a writer’s evolution.

Creative Writing Program English with creative writing university
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