English placement test practice

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Virginia Placement Test (VPT) for English.

Official Cambridge English Placement Test - Find out your English level

Students will not be allowed to use a dictionary, a thesaurus, or any other writing guide/resource when taking the VPT English test. Placement Testing. Placement Testing Steps; Study & Practice; Schedule Placement Test; Waiver Guidelines; Retest Policy; English Review Videos; Take the CPCC Placement Test at a.

The Printed English Practice Test * is a PDF file with 20 sample questions. To take the test you will need to download and print this file.

An answer key is provided to monitor the results. * Adobe Reader is needed to view these files. Download a free version of Adobe Reader. English Placement Test.

General English

The CTEP English PlacementTest is a three part test. It consists of a minute Reading Comprehension portion (35 questions), a minute Sentence Structure and Grammar portion (30 questions), and a minute Sentence and Syntax Skills portion (40 questions).

Writing Placement Test. No matter what you're studying in college, good writing skills are essential. The Writing Placement Test assesses your writing ability to determine if you require remediation and assure that you are placed in the correct classes your first semester at Columbus State.

Placement tests are used to help you determine which English class will best prepare you to be successful in your college career. What will the placement test cover? The placement test will evaluate your reading comprehension and your understanding of writing at the sentence-level.

English placement test practice
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