English comp 2 short story summary

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Start studying English Comp II. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Search. That the reader has read the works of literature and should include as little plot summary.

How do you document a source in a literary analysis of a short story or novel/.

Short Stories

English Comp II. STUDY. PLAY. Setting. The time and place of the action of the story. How do you document a source in a literary analysis of a short story or novel/ In the paper, following a quote, summary or paraphrase (2) In the works cited.

How is the works cited page arranged? In alphabetical order. Omit a, an, or the at the. Short Story Discussion #2 View the attached Critical Reading PowerPoint and focus particularly on the difference between summary, response, and analysis.


Next, choose one of the short stories from the reading list, and write a one-paragraph summary, a one-paragraph analysis on one literary element, and a one-paragraph response. Each paragraph needs to be five to seven sentences.

English comp 2 short story summary
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