Effects of christianity on english civilization

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The Social and Historical Impact of Christianity

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Mission did not say, "Conform remember my teaching. Effects of Christianity on English Civilization Christianity on English civilisation had some effects. Buildings like churches, monasteries and Latin schools were built.

T he importance of Christianity in the formation of Western civilization can hardly be denied. That importance is not simply a matter of the past. In the process of secularization Western culture did emancipate itself from its religious roots, but that emancipation was by no means complete.

Impact of Christianity on western civilization

Christianity was a leading influence on the development of Western civilization in Europe during Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Following the Age of Discovery (15th–17th century), Christianity was spread into the Americas, Oceania, Sub-Saharan Africa and the rest of the world via missionary work and colonization.

Christianity has been historically intertwined with Western hopebayboatdays.comr, it is difficult to decide what its effects were. Through its long history, the Church has been a major source of social services such as schooling.

2 A BRIEF HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY The history of Christianity unfolds organically through time. It is commonly understood to begin with Jesus, who was born two thousand years ago.

Christianity has been a repressive force against the advancement of civilization. A. Karl Marx termed Christianity an opiate of the masses, a tool of exploitation. B. Sigmund Freud called Christianity an illusion, a crutch, a source of guilt and pathologies.

Effects of christianity on english civilization
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