Dirty hospitals

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Why Aren't Hospitals Cleaner?

hospitals are evaluated on their ability to reduce the incidence of infections patients acquire during their stays, but there's surprisingly little evidence suggesting the best method to.

Dirty Hospitals. Canada has the highest rate of hospital acquired infections in the developed world, and Canada's consumer watchdog wants to know why. It looked like a crime scene. As I walked down the hospital corridor to visit an ailing friend, I was struck by the number of rooms with closed doors covered in yellow ‘caution ­ keep out’ tape.

These were rooms housing a patient with a deadly and highly contagious hospital-acquired infection. One in 16 pick up a bug in FILTHY hospitals: NICE blames staff hygiene and dirty equipment for thousands of deaths.

NICE blames staff hygiene and dirty equipment for thousands of deaths

Government body revealed 5, patients die. Dirty Hospitals, Deadly Consequences.


Hospitals may have been happy to ignore malpracrice within their doors as long as they were getting paid to fix the problems they caused, but withdrawing even minimal payment for repairing their damage was simply too much to ask. A grim picture of our psychiatric services, where many patients must live in dirty hospital units and endure hours of seclusion behind locked doors is revealed in a damning report today.

Dirty hospitals
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