Destroying our future

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Are We Dumbing Down Our Kids and Destroying Our Future?

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The ‘Lawnmower Parent’ Is Destroying Future Generations

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The episode reminded me of a column I wrote for FOX Business about how we’re dumbing down our kids and destroying our future business leaders and innovators. It’s a good read, IMHO; perhaps a bit long for today’s short attention spans but hopefully you can sit still long enough to get through it.

China's Premier Li Keqiang warned on Monday of unforseeable consequences if a nuclear non-proliferation deal with Iran were torn up, adding that the nuclear deal should be upheld.

If a human-friendly Earth is to survive, we must not only discard neoliberalism and transform the predatory practices of capitalism, but we must also re-imagine our relationship to the Earth itself. The Madhouse Effect. How Climate Change Denial Is Threatening Our Planet, Destroying Our Politics, and Driving Us Crazy.

Michael E. Mann and Tom Toles. In Erasing America: Destroying Our Future by Erasing Our Past, James Robbins reveals that the radical Left controls education, the media, and the Democratic party.

and they seek to demean, demolish, and relentlessly attack America’s past in order to control America’s present. 52% - Will science make our life more easier in the future? 48% - A 1 minute 30 seconds speech on science and future?

42% - Do science helps us in future and what are its adverse affects?

Destroying our future
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