Chicken head project pat

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PROJECT PAT F/ - Chicken Head Lyrics

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Project Pat - Chickenheads Lyrics

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Project Pat - Chickenhead Lyrics

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Patrick Houston (born February 8, ), better known as Project Pat is an American rapper and actor from Memphis, Tennessee. He is the older brother of Juicy J, the co-founder of Three 6 Mafia.

Project Pat - Chickenheads Lyrics

Better Chicken Pot Pies. The one unusual trick I use in this recipe is to add the thickening portion (a mashed butter-flour roux) at the end, rather than the earlier parts of cooking. PROJECT PAT F/ - Chicken Head Lyrics. Bwok, bwok, chicken, chicken Bwok, bwok, chicken heads (Boy, please, whateva) Bwok, bwok, chicken, chicken Bwok, bwok, chicken.

Chickenhead Project Pat. Featuring La Chat, pretty walk walk givin out head Ain't a thang eat a chicken wang I remember Project Pat came to me and he said man, I got this song called.

Lyrics for Chicken Head by Project Pat. [chorus] bawk bawk, chicken chicken bawk bawk, chicken heads (boy please whateva) bawk baw.

Chicken head project pat
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