Blocking rehearsal time with an interference task essay

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Models of Memory

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Interference theory

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Dec 22,  · Free Essay: Outline and Evaluate Models of Memory. As it also suggests, rehearsal was prevented by an interference task, meaning that the. Show More. Related. Following the Multi-Store Model, it is believed that STM holds limited amounts of information for short periods of time with relatively little processing, it is believed to be a.

We report two experiments that investigate practice effects on Stroop color-word interference in older and younger adults.

Both experiments employed a computerized, single-item version of the Stroop task with a voice response, and both involved practice over hundreds of by: Blocking rehearsal time with an interference task The theories of memory and how much, or how long we can remember things, and why, is a greatly studied area of Psychology as a science.

Psyc. The experiment will be largely based upon that of Brown () and Peterson & Peterson (), which used the technique of blocking rehearsal within the short term memory (STM) by tasks such as counting backwards.

This time however during the 25 seconds rehearsal time, the participants will be asked to perform an interference task, which will be counting backwards in sets of 4 from the number After the 25 seconds, they too will be asked to recall the trigram list and their results will also be recorded.

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Stroop Interference, Practice, and Aging