Active directory

Introduction to Active Directory

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User Attributes - Inside Active Directory

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Active Directory Database, SYSVOL and System State

Falling is Azure Active Directory?. Learn what recovery point and time objectives are, how to define RTO and RPO values for your applications and how they work in practice. The Active Directory Users and Computers tools come as part of the Microsoft Server Tools. Once the Server Tools are installed you are able to add the Active Directory Users and Computers tools features to the computer.

Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) offers IT system administrators a central way to manage user accounts and devices in an IT infrastructure network. Sep 06,  · Active Directory entry level training course from Microsoft Virtual Academy for students who intend to learn basic functionality and server roles.5/5().

Microsoft provides PowerShell commands you can use to check Active Directory synchronization status of users who sync from on-premises AD to Office Active Directory is a database of users and network resources that Tier 1's can use to manage security and other functions in a networked computing environment.

Active directory
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Managing Active Directory trusts in Windows Server