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What To Know About Florida's Amendment 8

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How Schools Are Encouraging Students To Eat Healthier

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Two controversial amendments on Tuesday's ballot

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In Junethe Florida Legislature attempted to limit the scope of Amendment 7 through an implementing statute —SectionFlorida Statutes —which contained provisions to preserve peer review confidentiality and non-discoverability, despite the language of Amendment 7.

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Amendment 6, also known as the Florida Abortion Amendment, was on the November 6, state ballot in Florida as a legislatively referred constitutional amendment, where it was defeated.

The proposed measure would have prohibited the use of public funds for abortions except as required by federal law and to save the mother's life. House Billrelating to Prescription Drugs or more commonly known as the “Pill Mill Bill” was passed by the Florida Legislature on May 6,and signed by Governor Rick Scott on June 3, Editor's Note: This edition of Free Morning Pulse is published weekdays at 10 a.m.

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Samaritan Ministries (in Illinois), Christian Healthcare Ministries (in Ohio), and Medi-Share (in Florida) are the three large evangelical operations.

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